Boll3t started his musical career learning to play the Piano in 1994. He started to play the drums in 1996 and fell in love with it right away, making it his professional choice. In his 20+ years of expertise, he recorded several studio albums, one DVD and performed in many great venues and festivals with bands such as Hecatombe, FX2, Refuse Here, and also as a side man / session drummer. He moved to Los Angeles (USA) in 2015, did a US tour playing in many venues and festivals with the Australian band Bellusira and performed in several world famous venues with several local artists.
In the end of 2017 he joined the band Aboleth. The band released their first album, Benthos, and did a successful US Tour. The band is now wirting new material to be released on the beginning of 2019.

One of Boll3t's greatest passions is songwriting. He was the main songwriter in all albums of the bands Hecatombe and FX2, and he wrote and recorded an entire album for his band Refuse Here, in which he performed all instruments on all 20 songs in the album. While in Los Angeles, he wrote a single called Born to Win, which was released during the FIFA World Cup 18. 

Besides his musician and songwriter side, Boll3t has also a deep interest in the world of music production. He worked for several years with the record label ACIT / ANTIDOTO while in Brazil, working at ACIT studios for 5 years and then as A&R for 4 years. He produced several albums from his bands Hecatombe, FX2, and also produced some albums and singles for other bands, such as Plano Secreto, Lara & Jackpot Band, Marcelo Nora, between others. He produced the sophomore album of the metal band Rotten Filthy, called “The Hierophant”, which got released on September 18.


Boll3t started his musical career learning to play the Piano in 1994. He has played Piano ever since although drums were his professional choice. Born and raised in Brazil, he started to play drums in 1996, when he founded his debut band Bactérias da Laranja. With the band he started writing a few songs, played a few shows and met his partner Mark. During this period he started specializing and studying the drums, mostly by himself, but he did 2 years with the well known teachers Sandro Stecanela (Akashic) and Fábio Schneider, this last one teacher and creator of IMFS Drums Institute, a famous and respected school of music in Brazil. He studied one year with each instructor. In 1998, Boll3t and Mark created the band B.A.C., and Boll3t stayed on the road playing a few more shows. He recorded for the first time in a professional studio, 2 songs that made Boll3t certain that playing music was what he wanted to do for the remainder of his life. After this first demo, the band split, Boll3t and Mark found 2 partners and created the band The Punx, which performed several shows, and was also the beginnings of Hecatombe. They wrote 6 heavy metal songs, and recorded the demo CD Nightmares [2000]. Boll3t was in charge of the musical production and mixing.

After Nightmares was released, Hecatombe got together and arduously started to work to develop its musical identity. During the following two years, the band kept focused on recording Demo 2002 [2002] to release to show the attained evolution. On Demo 2002, Boll3t handled the production, the mixing process, the CD’s intro effects track and the graphic design. After good feedback and reviews from specialized websites and magazines, such as Rock Brigade and Roadie Crew (Brazil) and (Italy), the band started touring through southern Brazil, playing many shows and building a stronger fan base.
Hecatombe won Lavras do Sul Rock Festival (Lavras do Sul, RS) twice, as 2001 2º Best Band and 2002 Best Show.

Three songs off of Demo 2002 were selected to join a metal compilation made by Garagem Hermética, an important show venue in Porto Alegre, RS. The compilation was titled Garagem Hermética Metal [2002].

In the beginning of 2008, the band recorded the long awaited Hate ‘n Rage [2008], which broke countless boundaries for the band. On Hate ‘n Rage, Boll3t produced and mixed, together with the band. Boll3t did all the graphic artwork. The band worked hard on extensive promotion. Dust to Dust, the first single, reached the airwaves playing all over the globe, especially in the United States, being broadcasted in the genre most important radio stations, such as KNAC, UCLA radio, Nvasionradio, Pixie103, among others. The songs shared the waves along with mainstream artists, such as Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Slipknot, etc, receiving many compliments from DJ’s and from the audience. A group of German fans created a Hecatombe’s German Support Page, which spread the band’s news in German through all of Germany. Right after, Hecatombe joined the Cocaine Rocks Contest, a bands’ contest created by the energy drink brand Cocaine Energy Drink, manufactured by the American brand Redux Beverages, owned by Fear Factory’s Raymond Herrera and Cypress Hill’s B-Real. The band reached the semifinals, reaching a TOP10 among more than 290 bands from all over the world. All of this promotion work was made by the band itself.

Hecatombe is a band with lots of attitude and are extremely energetic, with a musical style that is pretty intense, so the band did decide to show this side on a DVD titled Crossing No-Fly Zone [2010]. The first portion of the DVD was shot inside a Caxias do Sul’s airport hangar. The second part, an audiovisual EP called Forcefulness [2010] was shot at ACIT studios, in Porto Alegre, RS featuring 6 new songs. The DVD has, apart from the live songs, 2 music videos, an inside the band documentary and English, Portuguese, German and Spanish subtitles. On Crossing No-Fly Zone Boll3t was responsible for the production and the mixing process. He also did the DVD’s graphic artwork, all menus, English and Portuguese subtitles, the pictures gallery, the “making of” editions and credits and intro animations. On the Not Enough music video he wrote the script, and also performed photography direction and video direction.  The DVD was completely financed by Caxias do Sul’s Culture Secretary, in recognition to the quality of work that Hecatombe had always presented throughout its career.

Crossing No-Fly Zone received many positive reviews from the press, and it was even on the selection “The Best of 2010” of the sites Metalclube, Novo Metal, RocknrollBrasil and Heavynroll Messenger.

On 2011, the band supported the first metal international show in Caxias do Sul, from the heavy metal legend Paul Di’Anno, first Iron Maiden front man.
In September of 2011, Caxias do Sul’s Culture Secretariat financed the production of the music video of the new Hecatombe single, Inner Pain. The song was produced by Rodrigo Del Toro (Tequila Baby), which worked with Daniel Rey (Ramones producer), at Jardim Elétrico Studios (Farroupilha, RS). The song was mixed and mastered in the United States by Logan Mader (Machine Head, Cavalera Conspiracy, Soulfly). Released in 2012 and directed by Deivis Horbach (Plano9 Filmes), Inner Pain music video won as Best Music Video at CineSerra, and was also nominated to Best Music Video of Festival de Cinema de Santa Maria and of Sao Paulo Film Commission, running with great names of the popular Brazilian music, such as Racionais MC’s and Osvaldo & Montenegro. The video was featured in many directed media, reaching a satisfactory amount of success in most of them, with special mention to BlankTV, one of the biggest American video website.

In 2012, the band recorded a home demo titled Brand New Songs [2012], meant to show the new face, composition and evolution to American managers and record labels.

At the end of 2014, the band entered the studio to record a new single, which has not been released yet.


Between 2000 and 2004, Boll3t joined the hardrock / rock band Federados, which played a cover repertoire made with national and international songs. With this band he performed in many pubs, venues, night clubs and events, touring around the Southern region of Brazil. In this band, Boll3t met Cyber and that was the beginning of FX2.

In 2006, after writing almost 40 songs, FX2 hired the producer Zé Natálio (Papas da Língua) to produce and record 4 songs in a promo CD titled Promo EP [2006], invited by Antídoto Record Label. Boll3t did the graphic artwork. Right after that, the band started to play some shows and to write songs. In the following year the band entered in the studio to record the demo CD No Estúdio Ao Vivo, Sem Cortes [2007]. Boll3t did the graphic art. In 2009 the band started the recording of their debut CD, titled Taboo [2010], which was released in January of 2010 by Antídoto, the rock label of the 29 years experienced record label ACIT. In Taboo, Boll3t produced, mixed and did the graphic artwork of the material. Taboo was entirely financed by Caxias do Sul’s Culture Secretariat.

With FX2, Boll3t performed many shows in several fairs and expos, highlighting a few with national famous artists like NXZero, Capital Inicial, Zé Ramalho, SantoGraau, Victor e Léo, Luan Santana, between others.

Such promotion gave the recognition to the band, which gathered more than 100.000 fans on band’s communities in the social network website Orkut, which belongs to Google and it was by far the most popular social network in Brazil at the time.

Right after that FX2 recorded the song “Não me Importo”, in acoustic format, to the CD titled Atenuado [2010], which was broadcast on several southern radio stations, like Mais Nova, Atlântida, Pop Rock, Sorriso FM, Clube, among others.

Also in 2010, Music Producer Rodrigo Deltoro (Tequila Baby), which worked with Daniel Rey (Ramones producer), choose the song “Qd Estou Contigo” to produce. He re-created the vocal melodies, re-mixed the song, and the song was re-mastered by Dutch producer Marcel Van Der Zwan.

Refuse Here

In 2011, Alan started to give life to some of the many songs we always written. Playing all instruments and singing, he recorded several songs for his project Refuse Here. In 2013, the album Original Soundtrack for the Deafening Silence was approved and financed by Caxias do Sul’s Culture Secretariat, due to the artistic quality he always presented. The album was produced and mixed by Rodrigo Deltoro and mastered by Di Zapata at ACIT Studios. On Original Soundtrack for the Deafening Silence, Alan wrote alone all the 20 songs on the album, and performed all instruments on the record. Alan also co-produced the album, and did the Pro Tools engineering and editing.
The album had great reviews from the press, such as Vents Magazine (Denmark) and Heavynroll Messenger (Brazil), and have hit the airwaves throughout the world, reaching number one a several times at the show “the Vampire Hour” at Berkeley Liberation Radio from Berkeley, CA (United States). The album had also hit a number 7 position of the top national albums ranking by the website Heavynroll Messenger (Brazil).

Los Angeles

In February of 2015, Boll3t moved to Los Angeles, CA (United States), pursuing higher flights. In April 2015, Boll3t was invited to join the band Bellusira(originally formed in Australia) in a one-month tour through all United States. After learning several songs of the band, previously recorded by Will Hunt (Evanescence), Boll3t performed 16 shows, including some big festivals. Performing in cities like Dallas (TX), Woodstock (VA), Orlando (FL), Springfield (IL), Salt Lake City (UT) and Los Angeles (CA), the band played along with great names such as Black Stone Cherry, Saving Abel, Puddle of Mud, Stuck Mojo, Hed (pe), Another Lost Year, Motograter, NoMara (featuring John LeCompt from Evanescence), 10 Years, Cage9, among others.

With the band Moktonots, after renamed as The Rollix, Boll3t started to play some rock cover show in the Los Angeles area. With this band, he was able to perform in some world famous stages, such as Howl at the Moon (Universal City Walk), House of Blues Sunset Strip, and Molly Malones.

Boll3t joined the West Coast / Hip Hop / Rock band Kevin Never Talks in August 2015, and with them he got to play in world renowned venues, such as Great American Music Hall (San Francisco, CA), Viper Room and Couture (Los Angeles, CA). Boll3t also performed in a beneficent show in Riverside, CA, supporting the lead singer of Carlos Santana, Andy Vargas.

With the indie rock band Feral Vinca, Boll3t got to play a lot of good shows and events in great venues such as The Viper Room and Paladino’s, in Los Angeles, CA, alongside with some stars of the adult industry, such as Ron Jeremy, Mia Malkova, Evan Stone, Nicky Hunter, August Ames, Jessa Rhodes, Adriana Chedid, Joanna Angel, Kristen Scott, among others.

In September 2015, Boll3t was invited to play drums for the Ethereal / Jazz New York singer Marlo Magdalene, which worked with Grammy Award producer Jimmy Grecco. Boll3t performed in venues such as Amplyfi and Gengis Cohen in Los Angeles, CA.

Boll3t did some shows with the band Fire. They recorded a single that is soon to be released.

In the end of 17 he joined the stoner rock band Aboleth. The drums for their debut album, still not released, were recorded by Marco Minemann. The band is doing several shows around LA area and planning for touring after the album gets released.

Side Projects

In the year of 2003, Boll3t got together with Wood, Mark and Louie Malvessi (The Complete Stone Roses [Scotland]) and they’ve formed the tribute band called Vida Loca, which paid tribute to the live album “Loco Live” from the American band The Ramones. With this tribute, the band did a lot of shows throughout Rio Grande do Sul state and they’ve recorded a demo CD titled Vida Loca [2003]. Boll3t played bass and did the backing vocals on this band while his brother Louie was the drummer.

In 2005, Boll3t gathered with Wood, Mark, André Viegas (Trio Ambar) and Marlo Feijó (Boa Pergunta) and created the band GDC, which was a Green Day tribute band. The band got into the studio and recorded a few songs to book some shows.

In 2006, Boll3t joined the band Os Inomináveis, which made several rock / metal covers of bands such as System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine, Metallica, among others. The band played a couple of shows around Caxias do Sul.

In 2010, Boll3t gathered with Diego de Toni, the drummer from Lacross, Grandfuria and Disco, and a member of the reality show presented by Multishow (Globosat) titled Geleia do Rock, for a drumming project. Boll3t and De Toni recorded several drum duet videos, with the intent of promoting the art of drumming. In 2014, Boll3t was interviewed by De Toni for the documentary No Pulso, which registered the most important drummers and the art of drumming in southern Brazil. The film was released in April 2015.

In 2012, He performed with the bands H5N1 and Disco, as a drummer. Playing bass, he took part of the release of Body Combat’s 32, in Caxias do Sul, RS.
Along with his Hecatombe partners and Vinícius Lima (Zava, Grandfuria), he joined the band Five Kicks, a tribute to Kings of Leon, in which he plays drums and lead sings some songs, performing some shows through Rio Grande do Sul state.

In December of 2012, Boll3t took control of the drumsticks of H5N1, a pop-rock / rock cover band and he’s often performing in the night scene of Caxias do Sul and region to this day.

In early 2013, he created along with his friend and designer Angelo Borges (4fix) the band Looping de Ultraleve. On this acoustic project, Boll3t plays acoustic guitar, guitar and sings. The band is doing some show in the night circuit of Caxias do Sul and region.

Boll3t was invited to compose the Soundtrack of the Brazilian feature film titled Comunidade. This project is on its development.

In 2016, Boll3t wrote a song for the Rio2016 Olympics. In 2017, he wrote the soundtrack for the movie Mojave Fashion Editorial, by Daiane Daros.

Boll3t speaks fluent English, fluent Brazilian Portuguese and basic German.

Musical and Events Production and Recordings

Boll3t worked from 1998 to 2003 at ACIT Studios, and there he gained invaluable experience recording, with mixing processes, mastering and audio production. He worked, while there, with many experienced and renowned producers, such as Daniel Rey (The Ramones, Misfits, Dee Dee Ramone, Hellacopters, L7, Tequila Baby), Edison Campagna, (Tchê Garotos, Musical JM, San Marino, Tchê Barbaridade, Os Monarcas), Vini Tonello (Reação em Cadeia, Rosa Tattooada), Fernando Pezão (Papas da Língua, Nei Lisboa), Beat Barea (Rosa Tattooada), Aguinaldo Paz, Eduardo Borges Ganso, Sandro Coelho (Tchê Garotos). He also worked on quite a few successful records from famous artists such as Marky Ramone (The Ramones), Tequila Baby, Tchê Garotos, Os Serranos, Maria do Relento, Tchê Barbaridade, Nei Lisboa, Rosa Tattooada, between many others. In the year 2000, Boll3t recorded keyboards for a track on the record Ano 2000 [2000], from Terceira Dimensão. This record was released by the record label ACIT, and it sold more than 40 thousand copies.

During 2003 and 2004, Boll3t worked at Palco1 Shows e Eventos, an entertainment company which produced and managed shows, fairs, expos and events. There, he became familiar with the jobs of tour manager, show production and event production. During this period, he managed shows of renowned artists such as Ivete Sangalo, Daniel, Leonardo, Chimarruts, Armandinho, Ana Carolina, Jota Quest, O Rappa, Papas da Língua, Daniela Mercury, Capital Inicial, Maria Rita, among many others.
Between 2005 and 2009, Boll3t worked in copyright, publishing and A&R at the record label ACIT, gaining invaluable experience and insight into the inner workings of the music industry.

In 2009, Boll3t was hired to be the A&R representative of the Antídoto record label. On the job, he released important records from Brazilian artists, like Cartolas, Claus e Vanessa, Santograau, Nósnaldeia, Nego Joe, Delittus, between others. With this job, Boll3t made many connections in the music business, especially with the press, publishers and artists.

In 2010, he produced and recorded some tracks of Plano Secreto. Later on, in 2011, the band invited Boll3t to record the drums and to produce and mix their debut CD, Inabalável [2012]. Boll3t produced the album, recorded the drums, percussion, wrote arrangements and effects and also signed the mixing of the album. Boll3t took part in all the pre production and wrote, along with the singer Doiddi Meneghi a song of the album, “Não Era Amor”.

With Hecatombe Boll3t was responsible for the production and mixing of the demo CD Nightmares [2000], for the production, the mixing, the intro effects track and the graphic artwork of Demo 2002 [2002], he produced, mixed and did all the graphic artwork of Hate ‘n Rage [2008], and on Crossing No-Fly Zone DVD [2010] Boll3t was in charge of production and mixing, graphic artwork, menus, Portuguese and English subtitles, pictures gallery, intro and credits animations, making of editions and Not Enough music video’s script, photography and video direction.

With FX2, Boll3t did the graphic artwork of all demo cd, Promo EP [2006], No Estúdio Sem Cortes [2007], Taboo [2010] and Atenuado [2010]. On the debut album Taboo, Boll3t did the musical production, the electronic drum loops and the mixing of the work.
In 2014, Boll3t produced and recorded the single “Tudo que Sei”, by Marcelo Nora. He recorded and produced the artist, mixed and mastered the song and recorded accordion and percussion.

In the end of the year, he was invited by Lara & Jackpot Bluesto produce their debut single, “Strange World”. Boll3t produced, recorded and mixed the song, which was mastered by Alex Wharton (Beatles, Coldplay, Radiohead) at the world famous Abbey Road Studios, in London, UK. After finishing the job, Alex quoted: “Great sound mate”. After that, Boll3t produced, recorded and mixed another song of the group, called “Suzy’s Death”, which will be released soon.
Boll3t has also improved in studio techniques, recording and production by completing music instruction courses. He was graduated with distinction in the Introduction to Music Production, an online course by Berklee College of Music. He also completed the courses of The Music of the Beatles by University of Rochester, Songwriting, Introduction to Guitar and Developing Your Musicianship by Berklee College of Music and Fundamentals of Music Theory, by The University of Edinburgh. All these courses are held by Coursera.


Boll3t had also worked as a freelance graphic designer and web designer. He started doing this kind of work because he became aware of the necessity to promote his bands with professional graphic artwork. Since 1998 Boll3t has been improving on that art, specializing himself and analyzing new trends daily, to always achieve the level of excellence he holds himself and others to, to please his clients, the critics, and especially the fans. Boll3t has had several artwork shows with clients like Palco1, Garden Espaço e Lazer, ACIT, Antídoto, Esporte Clube Juventude, Recreio Cruzeiro, Cathedral Bistro, Divina Informação and  artists such as Hecatombe, FX2, Ataque Colorado (Sport Club Internacional official CD), Piazitos do Fandango, 35mls, Festa da Uva 2008 (official CD), Lacross, Hardbreakers, Fullgas. The artist had already created the design and programming of web site to Grupo Constelação, Hecatombe, FX2, Eurotelhas, Eurovale, Andréllis Guitars, Espaço 3 de Eventos, Garotos do Brasil, Antigão Auto Peças, politics Fábio Broetto, Solanum (American band), Estúdio W37, Banda Confederados, Plano Secreto, among others.
Boll3t received an award as Best 2013 Cover Art of the website Heavynroll Messenger for this art of “This is Hard Rock”, by Hardbreakers.


With Hecatombe, Boll3t secured the endorsement of the brands Ace of Spades Tattoo Studio and Pezo Bass System. With FX2, the band secured the endorsement of the brands Lifesound Amps, Shecter Guitars, Andréllis Custom Shop and Body Art Tattoo Studio. Boll3t created with the music store Hot Music, his first signature drumsticks, 5B model, of the drumsticks’ brand Sonar, with his signature and Hecatombe and FX2 Logos. @copyright