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No Pulso Documentary

Directed by Diego De Toni
A documentary about the generations that formed the
history of drums in Boll3t's home town Caxias do Sul, Brazil.
Boll3t speaks on 19:35 and
57:25 and plays the theme song
with all other drummers on
Released in 2016

Charted - Promo Video

Shot in Los Angeles, CA
Released in March 2016

Curso Gravação e Produção Digital

A promo video about a music production course Boll3t taugh at Andre Tissot Music School, in Caxias do Sul, Brazil.
Released in November 2014

Making of - Hecatombe Inner Pain

Making of and behind the scenes of Hecatombe's music video
Released in August 2012

Trailer for Crossing No-Fly Zone DVD Release Show

A promo video promoting CNFZ Release show - Vagão Bar, Caxias do Sul, RS
Released in September 2010

Marcas e Pilotos Champion Pilot Márcio Campos Cockpit Highlights

2 songs of Hecatombe as soundtrack
Speed Limit starts at 1:37
Student of the Devil starts at 5:17