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Hecatombe - Gold Rush

Directed by Felipe Nothen
Produced and mixed by Boll3t
Released in 2019 by Civil Alien Records

Area 55 - Far Away

Produced by Area 55
Mixed by Brendan Duffey
Written by Area 55
Released in 2019 by Civil Alien Records

Aboleth - Wovenloaf

Directed by Brigitte Roka and Collyn McCoy
Produced and mixed by Ulrich Wild
Released in 2018 by WurmGroup

Refuse Here - Centaurus . Enola

Directed by Peter Campagna
Boll3t wrote and perform all instruments
Produced by Boll3t and Rodrigo Deltoro
Released in 2014

Hecatombe - Inner Pain
Directed by Deivis Horbach
Produced by Rodrigo Deltoro - Mixed by Logan Mader
Released in 2012

Hecatombe - There's a Hollow

Live at the Airport - Out of Crossing No-Fly Zone DVD
Released in 2010

Hecatombe - Not Enough
Directed by Upplay
Released in 2010 @copyright