Hecatombe – Nightmares
Note: 9
The band from Caxias do Sul (RS) formed by Mark Nicolau (vocal and guitar), Raul Dressler (guitar), Gustavo Rigo (bass) and Alan Troian (drums) produced and prepared the demo Nightmares during the year of 2000, and released it only in March 2001. But then, the band had already changed, counting with Mark Nicolau (vocal), Emmanoel Meira and Mauro Caldart (guitar), Fernando Lusa (bass) and Alan Troian (drums). Recorded and mixed in Porto Alegre, mastered in São Paulo, the demo CD Nightmares presents 6 Hecatombe’s original songs, and has a great artwork.

The music of Hecatombe is something relatively new in the mainstream, with the success that ICED EARTH achieved in the whole world. The band in here follows the same path, but bets also in influences of thrash metal (like Megadeth) and some melodic vocal parts, everything with a very heavy background, of course, like the solo act of Bruce Dickinson. It’s impossible to listen to the band and not be able to find a moment with great guitar parts, bass and the main of all and great highlight of the band, the drums, which show precision and technique on the double bass pedal. The only thing I believe that could improve is that in some moments Mark Nicolau could be much more expressive for a frontman.

The songs follow the list of “Student of the Devil” (a very heavy song, with a special note that it has no chorus, pretty good song by the way) “Rover” (one of the best songs of the demo, catchy chorus, a little melodic) “RIP” (this is definitely the best song of the CD, alternates cadenced moments with some a little more aggressive ones and you can see it’s perfect for shows. One of the best moments of the singer); “Nightmares” (the title track shows technique, with a great highlight to the beautiful guitar solos); “My Heart is Broken” (a ballad couldn’t be left out, and like so many others, becomes great when it reaches the chorus, the best part of the song) and ending with “Song of Rage” (by its title shows that is the most aggressive song of Hecatombe. And it is, like those aggressive from ICED EARTH, another pretty good song).

With more than 31 minutes of pure metal, and believe, we will be hearing a lot from this competent southern band, which even with just one demo CD, promises so much to the future.
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