Review – Original Soundtrack for the Deafening Silence – Refuse Here

To write about this album is not going to be an easy task, it’s so much sound diversity on this album in nothing less than 20 tracks, which vary from 0:33 seconds to 7:51 minutes long, where the multi-instrumentalist Boll3t show almost all of his faces, some of them even surprising. “Original Soundtrack for the Deafening Silence” has in its main core the alternative rock, but throughout the play we find from new metal to electronic, sometimes referring to SOAD (System of a Down), and sometimes to MUSE.

From the start, what’s so impressive is the fact that the CD was recorded by one person alone, the so far known as drummer Boll3t (Hecatombe). He did all the arrangements, sang and recorded everything, fact that can be proved on the music video of the song “Centaurus . Enola”, where he performs with “several other” Boll3ts, as you can check below.

And it is my first highlight, extremely accessible to all ears for being moderately heavy and with a little bit of pop, is the right song for a music video. In “Leonis . Repeat After Me”, Boll3t releases his arm and gave us a more alternative sound, with scream and drive vocals. By the way, that surprised me a lot, I know the guy for more than a decade and I haven’t had the slightest idea that he could do all those stuff, and so well done to the record, Boll3t has a very good voice, with great tone variations that fit perfectly in all album’s themes.

The nice thing about “Regulus . On Hold”, is the melancholy of the raw arrangement, with an acoustic guitar intro captured in an archaic and true form, remembers me of old moments of PINK FLOYD, which suddenly evolves to something modern as the other instruments start to come in.

The heavy “Antares . Parasitando” has a little bit of hardcore and British rock influences. “Io . Deafening Silence” is the more progressive and long of the album, with several tempo and atmospheres variations, it has many exciting and remarkable moments, which makes it the best track in my opinion.

“Taurus . Mia San Mia” has also this modern atmosphere, with references to MUSE, ARCTIC MONKEYS and other bands of the genre, has something of Stoner Rock and it’s very interesting, with great rhythm variations.

As I said before, it’s an album with a lot of information, several references, hard or maybe impossible to label, leaving everything “familiarly original”, so to speak. With impeccable arrangements and production, it’s a work to be listened several times and with patience, absorbing all nuances and details that the songwriter wanted to convey. Some songs or instrumental tracks didn’t need to be there, but as Boll3t himself told me recently: “my business is to write songs, the more the merrier… if I needed to put everything I write on a record, it wouldn’t fit”, I mean, ideas flow endlessly and possibly we will have much more from REFUSE HEREpretty soon.

REFUSE HERE – “Original Soundtrack for the Deafening Silence” (2014)
01 Diligence
02 Sirius . Lies of the Beautiful People
03 Centaurus . Enola
04 Leonis . Repeat After Me
05 Betelgeuse
06 Vega Minor
07 Regulus . On Hold
08 Phoenix
09 The Pain of The Loss
10 Antares . Parasitando
11 Towerish
12 Io . Deafening Silence
13 Earth . Invisible Mode
14 . Venus . Cabaret Beat
15 Antlia . NEA
16 Brightness . Cxs
17 Taurus . Mia San Mia
18 Bellatrix . Missing You
19 Brown Dwarf . Misery Inc.
20 Orion . Refuse Here

Boll3t – vocal, guitar, bass, piano and drums