HECATOMBE - Outsiders

Cervejaria Mosteiro, Caxias do Sul/RS – March 15th 2001

The opening act was the band Outsiders, alternating their set list between Iron Maiden and Metallica covers. With a clean sound (besides the fact that you couldn’t listen one of their three guitarists), the band pleased all the audience. Cheers to the unexpected cover of Metallica’s Motorbreath. They should stop being a cover band and start an original work, because they got talent for that. But it was Hecatombes night– not the same from Curitiba. Unexplained, the audio quality changed for worse. The volume was too high and it became hard to listen to the vocals. Taking those problems apart, the show was great. The band started the show with the exciting Student of the Devil, showing what they got. Exploring a great stage performance, the band drove the audience crazy with covers of Holy Wars (Megadeth), Cowboys from Hell (Pantera) and Ride the Lightning (Metallica), among others. But it was with their original songs that Hecatombe showed abundant heaviness and energy, plus a killer performance of the drummer Boll3t. Songs like Student of the Devil, R.I.P. and Nightmares pleased the present crowd pretty much, but when they played the excellent Rover it was when the band allowed everyone to go home with a smile on their faces. (RoV)