HECATOMBE - Nightmares

The band from the RS hills, from Caxias do Sul, Hecatombe ( presents in Nightmares, their debut CD, a material above the average, both in the songs’ conception and the graphic and musical production, with great instruments tones (mainly bass and guitars) and the professional manufacturing of the CD (Sonopress from Manaus/AM). Maybe that’s due to the years of experience that the musicians that recorded the demo CD possess, Mark Nicolau (vocal and guitar), Raul Dressler (guitar), Alan Troian (drums) and Gustavo Rigo (bass). The cadenced and straight heavy metal sometimes sound like Iced Earth, meaning that presents powerful riffs with a great dose of melody. Highlight to the tracks Student of the Devil, R.I.P. and Song of Rage. Recently the line-up has changed, with the left of Raul and Gustavo and the joining of the guitarists Emmanoel Meira and Mauro Caldart, and the bassist Fernando Lusa.E-mail:

Ricardo Batalha