Hecatombe reinforces the southern heavy metal tradition

The southern metal tradition gets stronger with the release of the DVD “Crossing No-Fly Zone”, of the band from Caxias do Sul, Hecatombe. The work was financed by Caxias do Sul’s Culture Secretariat and was recorded inside a Caxias do Sul’s airport hangar. The audiovisual EP, which is also part of the release, was recorded at Acit Studios, in Porto Alegre. The DVD contains, besides the live songs, two music videos (“Not Enough” and “There’s a Hollow”), one documentary and has English, Portuguese, Spanish and German subtitles.

Formed in the early 2000, the band brings Boll3t (drums), Wood (bass), Mark (vocals) and Caldo (guitar), Hecatombe is one of those metal bands that don’t make any concessions on their sound. They are fast, aggressive, heavy, but extremely melodic when necessary. And they are far away from stereotypes of the genre. No skulls, mentions to imaginary beings or sci-fi. Hecatombe does what they call “energetic modern metal”, with lyrics that “inspire a change of attitude through a mental riot”. On the work, highlights to the tracks “Hunter of Souls”, “Gray Desert”, “Hate ‘n Rage” and “Dust to Dust”.

With three demo CDs recorded, “Nightmares” (2000), “Demo 2002” (2002) and Hate ‘n Rage (2008), nowadays the band is preparing a new single with a music video, to prepare the release of their debut studio album, which will probably be recorded on California, where the band has many fans.