Rock with electronic music and rap elements. Loops and scratchs blended with a melodic but at the same time visceral style. With this characteristics and an original work, the Caxias do Sul’s band FX2 is ready to take off in 2010. Recorded by the record label Acit, the CD Taboo is a bet on the quartet, which is on the road since 2002, against the recurring cover fever in the rock scene. Although they use the name in Portuguese, the meaning came from the English expression, effects too (effects too), which suggests the incorporation of such elements in the songs. Formed by Boll3t (drums), Cyber (guitar), Mark (vocal), DJ Tuba (pick-ups) and Wood (bass), FX2 was produced by Zé Natálio, from Papas da Língua, who also called Ultramen’s DJ Anderson, to incorporate electronic elements to their songs. In January, on the album’s release, FX2 will hit the road to show its full potential. Oh yeah: besides the musical part, the band seeks to engage in awareness for our environment, through their website and their blog