Unusual rocker mix

Band FX2 releases album that combines rock, rap and electronic music

The guys from the band FX2, from Caxias do Sul, are courageous. All 12 tracks from the album Taboo, recently released, bring a style rare to see in the southern music scene. The quintet have united rock, rap and electronic music to create a characteristic that Rio Grande do Sul, which traditionally forms rock groups, are not used to see.

When you play the CD, the beat immediately reminds bands like Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit which, according to the band members, are their biggest influences. Created in early 2002, FX2 started with the proposal of invest in original music. Always writing in group, the quintet has more than 35 completed songs. The top 12 are on the CD.

- In the beginning it was hard to find a DJ who was up to it. They were prejudiced, they didn’t want to blend rap and rock, afraid of what other people would think. After a long search we found DJ Tuba – explains the guitarist Cyber.

The name of the album, Taboo, refers to the group’s ideology of preaching about a world without prejudice, translated in the first single, “(in Portuguese) Who is going to say / how should I face the problems that life’s bringing me? / Who is going to say for us to look forward and never go back? / But who’s certain about what’s coming next? / Who’s certain about how is going to be?” reflects the message that the guys want to convey.

- We try to break boundaries. That’s our message; after all, what’s the difference between rap and rock? Everything’s music, and it’s created for everybody. That’s what we are trying to bring up in our lyrics, and that’s why the album’s titled this way” – explains the drummer Bollet.

Another great feature of the CD is its booklet. With draws from the graffiti Guilherme Nerd and artwork by Bollet, the lyrics of the songs were almost “thrown” in the booklet forming an organized mess. Also formed by Mark (vocal) and Wood (bass), the group is about to make a show to release the album, which was financed by Fundoprocultura and is distributed by the record label Acit, with its label Antídoto, in March. The work with the album had also the participation of Beat Barea (Rosa Tatttooada) on the mix and master and from Zé Natálio (Papas da Língua) on the pre-production.

More – for sale
For now the album is for sale on the internet by the website The price is R$ 14,90

Title: Taboo
Artist: FX2
Record Label: Antídoto, 12 tracks
Price: R$ 14,90