Hecatombe - Nightmares

Label: -
Distribution: -
Release Date: 2001
Length: 31:03 minutes
Genre: Heavy Metal

Mark Nicolau – vocal and guitar
Raul Dressler – guitar
Alan Troian – drums
Gustavo Rigo – bass

  1. Student of the Devil
  2. Rover
  3. R.I.P.
  4. Nightmares
  5. My Heart is Broken
  6. Song of Rage

Hecatombe comes from Brazil presenting its first demo “Nightmares”, which includes six very good tracks sounding between classic metal and the more aggressive sound typical of Iced Earth and “old” Megadeth. Anyway, Hecatombe’s guys try to give a personal music footprint to their songs, by supporting powerful riffs with a good dose of feeling. The only thing that doesn’t persuade me completely is Mark Nicolau’s timbre, which in add, while he’s looking for the right feeling, sometimes he misses aggressiveness, like in “R.I.P.”. Though, I found the timbre almost perfect in the odd parts of “My heart is broken”, quite a ballad very peculiar which alternate melodic parts and rushes of rage, which take apart from metal to get close to punk (like I said, it’s atypical!). Energy doesn’t miss also in the final “Song of rage”, that reminds me of Megadeth. The vocal part makes me feel hesitant and I suggest Mark to work a little on it and to untie himself, especially from now on because he could focus only on singing. At the opposite, nothing to criticize about instrumental part, rather drummer Alan Troian’s performance is very praiseworthy. My congratulations also go for the production and for the package of the demo, neatly above the average quality.  It’s a band to check on, which confirms constants proofs of evolution in Brazilian metal scene. A few lines above I wrote about line-up changes: after demo recording, Rigo and Dressler have been substituted by bassist Fernando Lusa and guitarists Mauro Caldart and Emmanoel Meira.
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Sergio “Ermo” Rapetti

Vote: 7/10