Show time

Doiddi Meneghi, the guy in front of the picture, worked pretty hard to release his CD, Inabalável. But it was worth it. Betting on original pop rock, he makes the release show tomorrow at 8PM, at Teatro do Sesc, in Caxias. He sings and will be accompanied by Alex Marchesini, on guitars, Wood on bass and Boll3t on drums. The idea is to show the album to the audience and friends. At the time of the recording, Doiddi was without the band and had the help of the guitar player Marcelo Nora (Cyber), and again from Boll3t, which recorded the drums and produced the album, and from the bassist Everton Rosa, who today plays with the singer Gabriel Valim. The recordings were made at Jardim Elétrico, in Farroupilha. Since everything was made independently, the night has an achievement connotation.