One of the national revelations on an exclusive interview

After the release of the DVD “Crossing No-Fly Zone” the band Hecatombe is preparing to the next challenges of their career. Check the full interview.

Rock Post: On this issue we are keen to interview the band Hecatombe, which recently released a DVD, very well produced, titled Crossing No-Fly Zone. I’d like firstly to thank them for giving us some of their time to talk about the band’s work in our magazine. For a start I’d like to ask about the DVD’s repercussion. Did it overcome the band’s expectations?
Boll3t: Thanks Fernanda, but is Hecatombe which is thankful for the space that Rock Post is making available for our work. The intention of producing this DVD was to capture our live energy and intensity and to record a new material of quality. The repercussion of the DVD is excellent so far, we are having great receptivity of the press, through great reviews and articles, but mainly from our fans, on our shows or through our official website. With this repercussion, the band’s got more work opportunities and consequently we are increasing our fan base.

Rock Post: The DVD really had a great production and brings very exciting songs. How was this production process (which took place inside a hangar in Caxias do Sul’s airport)? Was it exhausting to the band?
Wood: The production process was intense, since we developed the project until the release we got two years of heavy work. Hecatombe produced the entire DVD and we were involved with all stages of the process, since scenario creation to video’s edition. Aside from the songs that we performed in Caxias do Sul’s airport, we played a few songs in ACIT Studios, in Porto Alegre, and two music videos (Not Enough and Owned by My Own Desolation). That demanded a lot from the band and from the crew that worked with us; it was exhausting but extremely gratifying to make a project of this magnitude. We counted with such a professional team working with us that made this project to be exactly as we wanted it to.

Rock Post: Did you get resources to develop everything, right? Did you have to pass some sort of selection or something similar to get this financing to make the DVD real?
Mark: Yes, the City Hall and the Culture Secretariat of Caxias do Sul are from a few years now encouraging the cultural scene in an exemplary manner. They open contests every year to cultural projects, to foment the professionalization of the local scene. We had to create a consistent project, creative enough and with quality so we could be financed, the selection is pretty rigid, which is a good thing, because encourages the scene to professionalize as a whole. If your project fits all requirements it is 100% financed. This initiative of Caxias do Sul’s City Hall is very important to all culture.

Rock Post: How does Hecatombe deals with the countless internet tools (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace)? Do you think that the heavy / rock people of today differs from the ones some years ago, which rather to watch videos more than to attend shows? Do you believe that this might have some relation with the heavy / rock scenario of today in some places (e.g. expensive tickets, low attendance)?
Caldo: Hecatombe manages all its social networks through our official website, We have our profiles on the biggest social network sites, which makes it possible to be in contact with our fans. When there’s good quality events, with a great structure, great cast of bands and great promotion, the public shows, because there are many rock fans in Brazil. We do believe that what could be better in the rock scene would be a bigger number of professionals working, like producers and managers, because there are a lot of people who are into rock and is lacking of events and works of quality.

Rock Post: Since your first demo cd Nightmares (2000), what changed in the band, besides the line-up, obviously? Are you intending to remain as a four piece group?
Mark: Hecatombe is in constant change, because we are always trying to evolve. Since 2001 we are playing together and we have such work chemistry, mainly while playing, and we have no intention of changing that.

Rock Post: Referring to shows, how’s the band schedule and what is your opinion about the conditions usually faced (wages, hosting, sound gear)?
Wood: In the moment we are concentrating on the DVD’s promotion, but we are getting in touch with some producers and bands to set a tour pretty soon. The conditions vary from place to place; we have venues with great structure and others that need improvements, which is a common thing for those who are in the road.

Rock Post: We are on the last month of the year (the magazine is out in December) and I’d like to know what can we expect from Hecatombe in 2011?
Boll3t: The year of 2010 was great to Hecatombe, we worked intensely and a lot of good things happened. For 2011 we intend to keep evolving the band’s career. We are going to record a new single, of the unreleased song “Inner Pain”, with a music video. We are seeking to make possible a Brazilian tour as well. As Hecatombe is always writing new material, it’s in our plans a trip to California to record our debut CD and to make a tour to promote our music there as well.

Rock Post: We thank again to all from Hecatombe for their DVD (which is worth to take a look) and for letting we know more about their work through this interview. This is your space now…
Caldo: Thanks a lot to all rock readers that follow essential publications like Rock Post, because you are the reason of all the struggle of the artists and also the professionals working in this business. We want to thank also to Rock Post for all space and support, because your work is remarkable and fundamental to promote our music. We ask everyone to know more our work through our official website,, there you can listen to our music, to check the music videos and to know more about the band. Thanks very much to all those who support and encourage Hecatombe and the rock scene in Brazil. Keep Rockin’

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December 2010 – Rock Post # 24